How data will boost your project delivery success and reduce uncertainty

Data is the new oil, and that is also valid for project management. For the effective and successful delivery of projects, we need to take advantage of data by using the right engines and learning how to operate them.

We like to think of ourselves as rational decision-makers, carefully making choices based on data and logic. The reality is different however. Especially in today's business environments with increasing complexities we tend to make irrational choices which often lead to project failures.

In this whitepaper, Marcus Glowasz confronts the current and ongoing challenges in delivering projects and describes what measures need to be taken to re-establish project delivery confidence and success.

Learn the steps that need to be applied towards a data-informed project delivery approach and how to move from firefighting to value delivery and continuous improvement in project management.

Hi, my name is Marcus Glowasz, and I am an Advocate of Disruptive Technologies and Innovation in Project Management, helping Project Professionals and Organizations to prepare for the Future of Project Delivery.

While data is an asset that organizations can significantly benefit from, the rapid growth of data comes with various challenges which – if addressed correctly – can be turned into opportunities towards higher effectiveness and efficiency of projects. What is needed though is a fundamental overhaul of processes and behavior to take account of the impact from data.

I run workshops to enable the transition to a data-informed approach in project management by training project professionals on the necessary skills and behaviors to be acquired towards highest project delivery effectiveness and confidence.

I am keen to help you to shift your project delivery practice to a more efficient, effective, and successful discipline.

Marcus Glowasz


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